As gamers and collectors, it's very apparent to us that the time of the physical game cartridge is quickly coming to an end. GameArmor is here to change that. While quite a few companies already exist to keep the physical cartridge alive, GameArmor aims to keep them collectible. Most games, when they are released physically, come with a plastic storage case. Only a very select few games get elevated to the collectible level by throwing in some type of metal or steel case to really class up your collection.​


But why should we be limited just to the classy steel cases that the developers want us to have? With GameArmor, YOU choose the games that receive a collectible steel case, because YOU get to make them! GameArmor is an all in one DIY kit that allows you to create your very own collectible metal cases for YOUR favorite games, right at home! All you'll need is our kit and an inkjet printer!


Not exactly. Game Armor is two things - we are a custom metal case manufacturer and distributor, but we also intend to be an art sharing community of creators, helping each other make the worlds coolest cases for all of our favorite games. 

What's all that mean? It means when Game Armor fully launches, we wont just be the place you come to grab a set of blank cases to customize, we'll also set up a network for artists and creators to share THEIR design files with the rest of the world, so we can all make ourselves some epic collections, without having to design every single game case on our own! We'll even contribute all of our personal designs!


YES! Game Armor is designed to be fully customizable by EVERYONE of every age level, even if you haven't leveled up your crafting ability yet! All you need is an inkjet printer, a pair of scissors, and one of our GameArmor DIY Kits! It includes everything you need to get creating right out of the box!


With our initial goal of $3500, we'll be able to order 500 custom kits, which will include everything you need to immediately start making your own custom steel game cases.

Additionally, we'll be using the remaining funds to create our official website and create the GameArmor network, where you'll be able to create, upload, share and download all your favorite custom game covers with the GameArmor community! No photoshop skills? No problem! Thats why the GameArmor network is here!

DIY Kits start at just $10 for Early Bird Backers! So don't delay!


YES! As part of the Game Armor experience, anyone in the community who decides to upload and share their files, will be doing so for free. With enough support, the Game Armor community can cover a TON of content and games. Some games may even end up with multiple options!


$12,000 - By reaching $12,000, the project will receive enough funding to create an entirely new case mould. This new mould will provide us with lower production prices, more customized interior shell options, and the ability to expand the business further.

$15,000 - By reaching $15,000, the project will have received enough funding to expand into other types of game cases. With $15,000 we will offer cases for Playstation and Xbox, and other disc consoles. 

$20,000 - By reaching $20,000, the project will have received enough funding to create new moulds for other retro consoles (like Gameboy or DS!) , so your retro games can level up!

Backer rewards for higher levels will be revealed at a later date


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Check out the examples projects below to see what you can do with the GameAmor DIY Kit!