It's Official, Chicken Wiggle Workshop Joy-Cons are here!

Earlier this month I contacted Jools Watsham, founder of video game studio Atooi. The company, famous for its smash hit Mutant Mudds is working on bringing its 3DS title "Chicken Wiggle" to Nintendo Switch, via Kickstarter! I offered my custom joy-con services, and they humbly accepted! Chicken Wiggle Workshop joy-cons are now officially here, and the only way to get them is by backing Chicken Wiggle Workshop on Kickstarter via the link below! Head over to my Instagram and Twitter to see even more!

NINTENDIY - Episode One: Amiibo Cards! Part 1

Introducing, NINTENDIY! A brand new segment in which I teach YOU how to make your very own super cool Nintendo themed projects right at home! In the premiere episode, we tackle something everyone has wanted to know for a very long time! How to make Amiibo Cards!

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