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Weekly Deals Round-Up - 12/24/17

Happy Holidays! Hopefully everyone is going to wake up tomorrow with their favorite new Nintendo games under the Christmas tree (if you didn't already open them by the light of the menorah!)

If not, maybe you'll have a few gift cards to spend! Here's some of the deals available this week on your favorite Nintendo products!

Best Buy:

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ($39.99 | $31.99 w/ GCU)

Sonic Forces Bonus Edition ($29.99 | $23.99 w/GCU)

RBI Baseball ($19.99 | $15.99 w/GCU)

Super Bomberman R ($39.99 | $31.99 w/GCU)

RIME ($29.99 | $23.99 w/GCU)

MGXP3: The Official Motocross Game ($29.99 | $23.99 w/GCU)

Farming Simulator ($39.99 | $31.99 w/GCU)


Targets deals this week are pretty lackluster for anyone looking for new games. Their best deal gives you 50% off any Switch title of your choosing, with the purchase of Mario + Rabbids.

Thats it for this weeks deals!

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