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Every day I'm searching for new and exciting ways to change the game, your game, quite literally. Since 2013 I've been making custom painted gaming controllers. What started out as a fun idea that I hand crafted on the floor of my bedroom has evolved into something I could only have ever dreamed of. From the very first moment I held my original custom controller in my hands, I knew I had done something special, and I wanted to share that feeling with the world. It's my passion for gaming, art, and pop culture that created this company, but I couldn't have done any of it without you. My goal is to find your passion and craft it into an incredible controller that changes the way you game and puts a smile on your face before your console even boots up. 

"It all started with a mouse."
Or something like that.

Someone's wise uncle once said "With great companies come great origin stories."
Or at least I think that's how it goes. This story is ours. 

In 2013 while playing Xbox 360 (So Retro!), I looked down at my controller and realized it needed a bit of an upgrade. This crusty, old, well loved controller was showing it's age. As I looked around my room I realized something. Out of all of the things I was passionate about, not one of them existed on a gaming controller. My Captain America collection was staring me in the face, just begging for me to use it as inspiration. And use it as inspiration I did! By taking some old comic book pages, I created my first ever Comic Controller  - a video game controller decopauged in comic book pages - and started up my etsy store later that day. 

The reception was huge. From steady sales on Etsy we expanded into comic conventions - then in 2020, a retail store! While not yet expanding our reach to the stars above, we've sold controllers to just about every continent (we're glaring at you Antarctica) and regularly sell at conventions and expos in every corner of the United States. 

What happens next is up to you. We've been blown away by your support since day one, and your excitement and generosity towards our  designs continues to blow us away 10 years later. We're on this journey together, I cant wait to see where we go next.

Find answers to common questions by checking out our FAQ Page

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