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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: When will my controller arrive? All of our standard painted controllers are made to order on demand. That means once you click order, we add it to our queue to be painted. Typically orders take between 6 and 8 weeks to ship once the order has been placed, though it could be longer in some circumstances, or even significantly shorter! The controllers listed on our website are all of our most popular designs that we are constantly producing - if your design is already being produced for someone else, we may add your order to the batch as well, and speed the process up for you.

QUESTION: Can I actually use my controller? Of course! Your controller is more than just a work of art, it's a fully functional video game controller.

QUESTION: Will the controller wear down over time? Im worried about my hand sweat ruining it... This is a hard question to answer, so we'll answer it the best we can. Your controller is intended to be played with. It's clear coated with an Matte Enamel coating that is meant to last. That being said, your hands are different than anyone elses hands on this planet. The amount you sweat, the oils you produce, and the hours you spend gaming are all factors that are unable to be replicated in lab testing. If you know you're prone to super sweaty, oily hands, we recommend getting a hard shell clear protective case for the controller. Cases like these will protect your artwork indefinitely and help ensure you have a gorgeous looking controller until the battery dies or you get a new console. But again, you don't NEED one. Its optional. Its up to you whether or not you want to splurge for the extra protection, but after all, theres a glass case over the Mona Lisa. No need to worry though, because as of 2024, all of our controllers are covered under our lifetime warranty.

QUESTION: What kind of controllers for you use? We only use officially licensed, original manufacturer controllers from all the biggest brands. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo produce the controllers we use. We just take them apart and paint them.

QUESTION: Can I return my controller? Since all of our controllers are made to order, we only accept returns on a case-by-case basis. Head over to our contact form and we'll see what we can do for you.

QUESTION: Is there a warranty on the controllers? If you receive your controller and within 7 days have issues with it electronically, send us a message and we'll do our best to rectify the issue or send you a replacement. After your initial 7 days, contact us anyways. If we can fix your problem, we'll happily do so for free.

QUESTION: What if my joy-cons start to drift!? This is a Nintendo issue, and not something we are responsible for. But we can repair it for you. Just send us a message!

QUESTION: What is the Signature Collection? The Signature Collection is our new line of manufactured custom controllers. While everything in our standard shop is custom painted, our Signature Collection are controllers that are part of an exclusive limited edition drop - with custom boxes and commorative offerings inside.

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