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Lifetime Warranty

We know that your custom controllers are an investment, that's why as of 2024, we're excited to offer a limited lifetime warranty on the paint work on all of our custom painted controllers. Yep, you read that right, a lifetime warranty. Check out the full details below. 

What's covered?

Every custom painted controller purchased in 2024 and beyond is now covered by our lifetime warranty! The warranty only covers the paint work, and does not cover any internal parts. 

What do I need to qualify?

To qualify for a warranty claim, you'll need to meet our requirements on a few things.

Painted controllers will be replaced if they have 25% of more of the paint wearing off. 

You must have proof of purchase - this is usually a receipt or order email confirmation. 

Controller must show wear from normal use, and not because you threw it against a floor or wall when you rage quit.

Does the warranty cover electronics?

Unfortunately not. We don't manufacture the controllers. If your battery burns out or you experience drift, those are mechanical issues that are outside of our control. We can help you swap out your shell onto a new controller though for a minimal cost. 

How long does the warranty last?

This is a limited lifetime warranty, which means we're happy to honor it with specific stipulations and reasons. The "lifetime" part of the warranty covers the amount of time we offer custom controllers for the console you purchased on. For example, when the PS6 comes out, we will eventually discontinue sale of PS5 controllers. PS5 controllers will fall out of warranty when we are no longer producing them. All controllers are "lifetime" for the life of the console they were originally made for. 

So I'll get a brand new controller?

Not quite. You'll get a brand new freshly painted shell on the controller you already bought. Remember, we're warrantying the paint job, not the internal electronics. 

Can I change the design on my warranty claim?

No. Your warranty claim will replace your controller with the same design you originally purchased. Designs are subject to adjustments and changes over time, and may not be the exact design you originally purchased. We are constantly coming up with new ways to design the same franchises and characters on controllers, and may have made adjustments to your design since your initial purchase. Your original design may have also been discontinued for any variety of reasons, in which case you will be asked to pick a new design from a pre-determined list of options we will provide you. 

Does the warranty cost anything?

Nope! The warranty is included with any controller purchased in 2024 and beyond. When filling out and agreeing to a warranty claim, you will be responsible to pay for shipping charges both ways. This is usually around $10 domestically in the US, but could be more dependent on current pricing at USPS, which fluctuates yearly. 

How many warranty claims can I make?

Just one. We will replace your original purchase just one time per item. If your replacement also wears down in time, it will not be replaced under our warranty. If you purchased multiple items on one receipt, each item is entitled to replacement a single time. 

Does this apply to Limited Edition controllers?

Unfortunately not. Our warranty is only on custom painted controllers and does not apply to our officially licensed manufactured line of controllers, or anything in our Signature Collection. If we replaced Limited Edition controllers, they would no longer be limited. 

I'm ready to fill out my claim!

Warranty Claim

Please upload a photo of the controller damage being claimed for under our warranty:

Upload File

Upload proof of purchase:

Upload File

Thanks for your claim, we'll review it and send you information about shipping your controller back to us for repair!

CptnAlex Designs reserves the right to discontinue the warranty program at any time for any reason and without notice.

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